Features To Look For When Choosing Boarding Dog Kennels

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Author: Jennifer Rust  Date: 2014-05-13

Boarding Dog Kennels

Few things are as worrisome as wondering about the health and well-being of your canine companion when leaving town. Fortunately, consumers have a vast array of options when it comes to choosing boarding dog kennels. These facilities can offer pets all of the comfort and convenience of home and often at a surprisingly reasonable cost. Following are several important feature to look for when selecting a play for your animal to stay.

It is important to search for a facility that has a high level of familiarity with the type of dog that you own. Behaviors, nutritional needs and even personalities can vary dramatically from one breed to the next. This makes it vital to choose a lodging place for your dog that is staffed with people who have a keen understanding of various breeds. There are often a number of breed-specific places as well, for pet owners who have animals who are rare or known for being more boisterous and high-energy than others.

People should look for spacious and well-ventilated accommodations. Adapting to a new environment, even for a very short-term stay can be stressful for animals. When these spaces are filled with plenty of entertaining items and have ample room for dogs to move about, they tend to be far less stressed throughout the duration of their boarding.

Taking an in-person tour is essential. Many companies currently have comprehensive online platforms that animal lovers can visit to view images of their facilities, read customer feedback and get answers to their frequently asked questions. All though these resources can be helpful, they do not negate the need to check a place out firsthand.

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance and this is definitely something that you will be able to take stock of by scheduling a tour. There should be no unpleasant or unexpected aromas, no sign of sick pets being kept in close quarters with other animals. More importantly, there should be adequate attendants on hand for addressing the needs of each client.

One of the best ways to gain peace of mind when using these services is to look for a location that prides itself in routinely interacting with dogs. These professionals love animals and they love what they do. They make sure to provide enough one on one attention to each pet in order to make them feel at home. This is also vital for minimizing the stress that pets feel when adapting to new surroundings.

If your animal has special needs, you must look for a place that has trained staff on hand for meeting these. This is another instance in which searching for a niche-specific business could prove best. Should your animal need special medications rendered or have behavioral or social issues, there are still many options in boarding that are open to you.

It is additionally vital for people to review the standards for checking pets in. When these standards are high, the likelihood of your dog contracting an illness or health issue from a poorly maintained pet can be minimize. Thus, you should make sure that dogs are required to be current with vaccinations, especially those for canine kennel cough and similar, communicable ailments.

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