Tips For Choosing Boarding Dog Kennels

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Author: Jennifer Rust  Date: 2014-04-30

Happy Dogs and Boarding Dog Kennels

When leaving on holiday, a business trip or extended periods; one cannot leave pets unattended for such time. It is not a good idea to rely on friends or family to pop in and provide the daily feed, because animals become stressed when you are away and there is no means of providing for basic needs or emergencies. There are many boarding dog kennels available and a few guidelines that should be considered in leaving canine companions in the capable hands of professionals.

There are numerous daycare centers to keep an eye on your pooches, but the key is to find the one that delivers the quality care and supervision that you are looking for. It is important to have peace of mind that your precious canine companions will be in good hands and will not succumb to any illness or emergencies without reliance on immediate action. Time should be taken to consider how to choose the right boarding kennel.

Leaving pets unattended within the home can pose as a serious safety risk in case of an intrusion. It is also not a wise decision as pets will become frustrated, stressed, and anxious when left alone for extended periods of time without receiving care, attention, and regular exercise. Should dogs sustain injury or become ill, there is no way that such matters can be attended to because no one will be available for 24 hour monitoring.

The daycare that you choose should include trained and experienced staff who are certified to work with different canines and are able to best manage animal behavior. This can provide peace of mind that difficult situations will be handled accordingly and minimize the possibility of exposing your pooch to risk. Research into the facilities that are available in your area can aid in determining whether it offers high standards of supervision.

Visit the kennels before making the decision to leave your dog there while you are away. The areas should provide spacious enclosures for the different breeds of dogs, but also protection from the cold of winter and heat of summer. The facility should not be cramped and must be clean, free from smells, and have staff visible throughout the center.

Check as to whether the specific facility performs a screening processes, which means that canines need to be assessed before entering the kennel. Most facilities require that all vaccinations, deworming, and de-fleaing processes are implemented before entering the premises as it minimizes spread of parasites and disease. A vet assessment should be performed for the best possible results.

The center must meet the requirement of at least 15 dogs to one staff member to prevent against overcrowding. This will also ensure that any situation is managed and all animals receive the necessary attention. Determine whether the personnel take pooches for regular exercise including grooming.

Choosing a kennel is largely dependent on personal preference. Research into the facilities available in your region should be performed, comparisons made, and client reviews read for the best choices. Such methods can ensure that your precious pets are truly well taken care of while you are away.

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