Tips For Selecting A Dog Daycare Charlotte NC

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Author: Jennifer Rust  Date: 2014-04-14

Tips For Selecting a Dog Daycare in Charlotte NC

Choosing a boarding kennel for your precious pooch should not be taken lightly to ensure care and supervision while you are away. In most instances, it is impractical to take your pet along on your travels and relying on family or friends may not be the best option for the needs and health of animals. With the selection of a dog daycare Charlotte NC residents are provided professional solutions for the well-being of all animals.

Not only is a dog day care a suitable choice if you have to go away for a few days, but also for those who work long periods through the day and simply cannot provide sufficient attention to their pets. While many rely on the services of a walker to implement exercise and activity, extended time remaining in a house or yard can cause stress and frustration. Responsible pet owners will look at facilities that are available to look after canines and ensure that all needs of animals are met.

If you are away from home for up to 10 hours a day, it can be difficult to ensure that all pet needs are attended to. If animals require frequent medication, it cannot be administered on a timely basis when you are away, or having to work for a considerable number of hours. Animals that remain at a facility developed for their requirements can provide peace of mind that feeds, medication, and all other measures will be met.

Many young dogs that are left alone for extended periods of the day will become bored and may engage in destructive behaviors. A number of problems can result from a lack of stimulation and exercise including excessive barking, jumping, fear responses, anxiety, and aggression that all have legal implications as a result of disturbance or public risk. To prevent against an inability to effectively control canines, it makes for unpleasant living situations for owners and their dogs.

Choosing day care for dogs requires research and comparisons into the different facilities and services that are made available. It is necessary to determine whether available staff are trained and that the center is not overcrowded. There should be enough personnel available to provide for the needs of individual pets.

Time must be taken to visit the premises before you make the decision to drop your pet off for the day. The enclosures must be spacious and the facility kept clean, which means that it is free from smells. All animals should be provided with the chance to engage in regular exercise and monitored social activity through the day.

Look for the availability of fresh, clean water that should be accessible by pets. The animals at day care facilities must be provided walking time where they can potty outdoors to prevent having to sit in and be exposed to their own waste. Consider feeding regimens and the types of food that are offered at the facility.

When selecting a dog daycare, read previous client reviews. Taking these steps can prevent making an unfortunate mistake of leaving canines in a miserable situation. Care should be implemented to hire the right staff who will value your pet.

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