The Importance Of Doggie Daycare Services

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Author: Jennifer Rust  Date: 2014-04-08

Doggie Daycare Facilities

Perhaps your dog is left alone all during the day. This can create a number of problems in the home. Doggie daycare can solve many of these problems and here are just a few reasons to consider these services for your pet.

Many dogs do not get enough exposure to other dogs in life. As a result they may be aggressive to dogs or they may develop a fear of other animals. In the right kind of care, a dog has the chance to be around other dogs and this can help to create social skills.

If dogs are at home on their own, they may not be getting enough exercise. Just like humans, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity and a host of other health concerns. If you want your pet to remain healthy and active, increased activity is important.

Perhaps your dog must stay indoors for many hours during the day. This greatly increases the chances for mischief. Dogs can become bored and may get into things that they normally would not. In fact, a bored dog can cause a great deal of damage to a home.

Your dog may have a yard to exercise in while you are away. However, when dogs are not supervised for long periods of time, they may try to find a way to escape. Some dogs dig under fences and once a dog becomes loose, it may get injured by vehicles in the neighborhood or get into all sorts of trouble.

It can cost you a lot of money if your pet gets loose and causes problems. A local animal control officer may capture the dog and take him or her into custody. You may have to pay a series of fines to get the dog back. These kinds of headaches can often be avoided when dogs have the proper care and supervision during the day.

Some pet owners believe it is fine to place dogs in very small cages when they are not at home. In fact, a few people believe that it makes the dog feel safe and secure. This practice is not good for several reasons. First, a dog gets almost no exercise this way, and may be forced to lie in its own urine or excrement.

Dogs may think that they are being punished if you place them in cages all day long. This can lead to all sorts of psychological problems. Plus, think about how much you would enjoy being caged all day long, before you decide to do that to your canine companion. If pet owners would picture themselves in place of their dogs, they might think twice before engaging in such practices.

If your dog is a member of your family, consider his or her physical and mental health. You would not think of leaving a child alone all day long and in many ways, dogs are just like children. Once you find a dependable and experienced daycare service you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands. That provides peace of mind for you and your pet.

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